Sig's Sharpening Services

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If you have more than $20 worth of work and are within twenty miles of Chapel Hill, NC I will pickup and deliver the items.

Lawnmower Blade Removal$5.00
Lawnmower Sharpening (Non-Mulching) $5.00
Lawnmower Sharpening (Mulching) $6.50
Scissors up to 6" long $3.00
Scissors Greater then 6" $4.00
Knives up to 8" $3.00
Knives greater then 8" $4.00
Garden Tools $3.00 and up
Chain Saws $6.00 and up
(sorry, no carpentry saws)

Call or email for more information:
(919) 933-5702 ~*~ email form
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 27516